Strategic Solutions

  • Lead strategic planning & budgeting
  • Train team to conduct a masterful meeting every time
  • Define and activate CSR program - internally and externally
  • Discover fundraising/sales potential & set goals
  • Establish a volunteer & customer engagement plan
  • Conduct market research & a SWOT analysis
  • Define unique brand positioning
  • Explore diversified revenue & earned income potential
  • Plan & execute - events, meetings, keynote, annual retreats, workshops, presentations, trainings, and conferences



Technology Solutions

  • Perform a technology assessment
  • Review current software applications & make recommendation
  • Evaluate ticketing system effectiveness
  • Recommend and install management software
  • Conduct a thorough security analysis
  • Review current and recommend ideal IT staff structure
  • Establish IT job descriptions, goals, benchmarking, & training for peek performance

People Solutions

  • Provide private coaching and mentoring
  • Concentrate on leadership development
  • Create super supporters (donors/volunteers)
  • Activate your Board in fundraising
  • Execute staff training, development & goal setting (supervision and reviews)
  • Assist with job description, career laddering, growing in place & team structure
  • Establish a robust customer, staff and volunteer engagement program

Giving and Volunteering

Good Day Solutions specializes in helping you establish or manage your corporate social responsibility statement and define your giving and volunteering program.

Supporting your community is not only good for the community, it is good for business. When you help your neighbors, you are helping your employees. We know how to measure and publicize the positive impact you are making.

Allow us to provide you with an inclusive marketing plan that positions your organization as a public example for your current and future customers, employees, and stakeholders to be proud of and share in.



Good Day Solutions

After a thorough analysis that starts with input from you, we sort through the information and prepare a customized - yet simple and measurable - approach to achieve your goals. Why simple and measureable? Because when your team is clear on the goals and tactics, engaged,  activated, and empowered with tools to measure and benchmark their success - goals are achieved and more Good Days are created for all.

Next Steps...

You deserve more Good Days. So do your employees, customers, stakeholders and your community. Let us work with you and create solutions for more Good Days!