We Listen

Listening to understand is a skill. We listen to you.  Developing a successful plan starts with knowing what you want and how accomplishing those goals will impact your team and your customers.

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We simplify

Simplicity is key. After 20 years of analyzing organizations, we have found a common thread – complexity stifles, confuses and stalls progress;  simplicity engages, clarifies, and fuels progress. We help you simplify to optimize positive outcomes.

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We Measure

Organizations and teams that are result-centered achieve goals. It is just that simple. We leverage technology and empower your managers to keep a pulse on progress – creating and leveraging opportunities for accelerated growth.

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Why Good Day Solutions?  

We believe that life is what you make of it and that every day can be a Good Day. Our personalized approach is centered around you, your goals, your team and your success.

We help establish and simplify processes, streamline your management structure, leverage innovative technology solutions, grow your market share, optimize your results and enable deeper engagement with your team, your customers and your community.


The 6 and The 9
Business Focused Motivational Speaking

Good Day Solutions offers a fresh perspective on how to reach your leaders and teams with relevant content that inspires and activates them in a personal way.

The 6 and The 9 program brings two dynamic motivational speakers – a male and a female perspective, together – to guide the audience to look at opportunities and obstacles in a holistic way – analyzing different angles, different truths, and different perspectives to identify the best way forward to increase productivity and positivity and create more Good Days!

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