Good Day Solutions offers a fresh perspective on how to reach your leaders and teams with relevant content that inspires and activates them in a personal way.

The 6 and The 9 program brings two dynamic motivational speakers – a male and a female perspective, together – to guide the audience to look at opportunities and obstacles in a holistic way – analyzing different angles, different truths, and different perspectives to identify the best way forward to increase productivity and positivity and create more Good Days!

The 6 РThe Male Perspective 

With over 25 years leadership experience on the court, as a professional basketball player for 7 years, and in the board room for over 20 years, Michael – The 6 – guides audience to understand opportunities and obstacles as seen through the eyes of a natural born competitor and leader. His direct language and vast experience enable audiences to better see and understand The 6’s perspective and game plan, when adversity and obstacles abound and winning is the only option.


The 9 – The Female Perspective

With over 25 years leadership experience in both the nonprofit and private sectors, Jamie – The 9 – brings a female perspective to the discussion, leveraging passion and purpose as secret weapons to combat obstacles and capitalize on opportunities to create inclusion and a sense of belonging. Her compassion and clarity enable audiences to better understand The 9’s perspective and strategy in operating in a world were winning together is possible.

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